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when somebody likes your selfie


when somebody likes and reblogs your selfie


when somebody likes and reblogs your selfie and then follows you


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Fighting back against puberty part dos one day at a time 👊 #ftm #acneiwilldefeatyou #transmanproblems #gettingnakedontheinternetagain #
Come through for a slice #bennyblancos #pizza #caphill #denver

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This is the best thing I have ever seen.

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Who really benefits from the pink ribbon campaigns: the cause or the company? In showing the real story of breast cancer and the lives of those who fight it, this film reveals the co-opting of what marketing experts have labeled a “dream cause.”

Everyone should take the time to watch the documentary Pink Ribbons, Inc.

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omg this until FOREVER! So much “breast cancer awareness” is such BULLSHIT! Especially programming that’s all about breasts, not women—“Save the Tatas,” etc. Yet another product of the reduction of women to their body parts.  No one says “save the dicks” for prostate cancer, cuz it’s not “sexy.” 

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I need Cali and Nevada flag patches, who wants to send me them?! #ootd #khakionkhaki #socialD #denver #milehigh #spring

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