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πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #storyofmylife #whyisitneverthewomen #gaybars  (at X BAR)
I’m actually watching chicks rock out, and I’m actually enjoying it #thetatas #thesegirlsaregood #thisisrareforme #livemusic #denver #colfax  (at Blush Bar & Lounge)
You know where to find me #bennyblancos #work
Sooo much #laundry 😩 #adultproblems #iwaited3weeks #causeimlazy #nowiregretit
By the way, yesterday was 9 months on T πŸ˜„ #ftm #hrt #9months #transman #transgender @transmenofinstagram #transandinked
That’s my kind of tip πŸ‘Œ#weedtips #joint #newports #pizzadelivery

Easter sunday is on 4/20

Sour OG

carpe-diem-or-die asked: Hey Bro, do you mind telling me how you get your GoFundMe on Tumblr? I don't have many trans friends to spread the word to or spread the word for me but I hate asking for donations or help in general. But If you know some people that'd be greatly appreciated. Shit, anything would be great. Everyone needs help sometimes right? πŸ˜“ Stayin' positive though😌 Awesome blog btw πŸ‘πŸ‘Œ

I just copied the link and posted it here. If you post it I’ll share it. Or submit it to me and I can.

Anonymous asked: hey dude, i was scrolling through your blog and noticed you mentioned being on remeron. does that make you sleepy? my doctor mentioned it to me and said he had a lot of success with it with clients. i heard there's weight gain though. but i'm slim, like you. should i worry about that? sorry for the long message. i appreciate your input.

It does make me a little sleepy. I do notice if I miss a dose or two I pass out hard the next time I take it. It does have a component in it that causes weight gain. For me that was really good cause I have a hard time keeping weight on with my digestive issues. But it’s not so strong that I’m constantly hungry. I’m on 30mg once before bed. I have a friend who has it for her insomnia and she’s only on 5mg. So your dose will probably have to do with the specific reasons you’d be on it. It’s the best thing I’ve been on so far.

Anonymous asked: Sorry I just messaged you. I was just curious as to what kind of anxiety you have? Mine is social (and generalized, I think). I take Celexa, but I find myself taking Klonopin alot (which is not good, because they are addictive).

I have social anxiety and OCD